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"Where the Movement Starts"

esi_sign Founded in 1985 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Expansion Specialties, Inc. has been recognized for over 25 years as one of the leading installers of expansion & seismic expansion joint systems in the entire industry.

As one of the first ever contractors dedicated to the installation of expansion & seismic joint systems, Expansion Specialties, Inc., and our highly experienced team of estimators, project managers, installation technicians, and project engineers, takes pride in providing the very best, most professional service in the industry today. 

Starting with the most experienced estimating department in the business, Expansion Specialties, Inc. is there at every stage of a project.

take-offThe plans & specs take-off, performed in-house by estimators who know and understand expansion & seismic expansion joint systems, and who have done thousands of expansion joint take-offs.

bid_pic The bid, prepared by estimators who have made it their business to completely understand the expansion & seismic expansion joint systems on your project.

samples Submittals, prepared by our dedicated staff of professionals.  We'll get your shop drawings, product data, and samples to you in the timeliest manner possible. 

Joe_PMProject management...the best, most experienced team of project managers in the expansion joint industry will guide your project towards a smooth and successful completion.

brad_install The install, performed by the most experienced, most professional Installation Technicians in the industry today.  Their years of hands on experience and know how has set the standard for expansion & seismic expansion joint system installation.

ESIshops Close-out documents, including all required warranties and as-built drawings, provided in a timely manner by the same people who brought you your submittals.

Expansion Specialties, Inc. has long since earned our reputation as one of the most respected, most trusted expansion joint contractors in the business. Whether it's an ambitious new construction project with miles of expansion joints, or a small repair job at an existing property, put our 25+ years of experience and knowledge to work for you.

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