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Expansion Specialties' Retrofit & Maintenance: New division, old hat

April 15, 2010

willdouglasesiHENDERSON, NV--Despite being officially launched in January of 2010, Expansion Specialties' new Retrofit & Maintenance Division really isn't all that new. 

"We've been doing retrofit projects for years and years," said ESI Project Manager Will Douglas.  "Working with Facilities Departments here in Vegas, as well as properties in other parts of the country has long been an important part of what we do.  We just felt that making it official signaled to the propery owners, the insurers, and the facilities departments out there that their needs were absolutely a priority to us."

In addition to retrofit projects and repair work, Expansion Specialties, as part of this new division, now offers the end user a twice yearly maintenance program.  "We come out to the customer's property twice a year, and conduct a cursory survey of all of their expansion joint systems," said Douglas.  "One of the surveys will occur during the colder months, when their joints are likely at their maximum expansion, and the other survey would take place when it's hotter, and their joints have contracted.  Following the survey, we provide the customer with a report of our findings, and we, of course, offer our services if repairs are necessary."

The complex nature of expansion joint systems, according to Douglas, is why the end user should strongly consider ESI.  "When you're talking about expansion joint and seismic expansion joint systems, safety issues, including life safety issues, must always be part of the discussion," said Douglas.  "Our years of experience in terms of installing systems the right way, and in terms of understanding critical, life safety parts of a system such as fire barriers, is really what separates us from any other contractor in the business."

"Expansion joint and seismic expansion joint systems are what we do," said Douglas.  "And we feel that our Retrofit & Maintenance Division is an extremely valuable resource that the end user should strongly consider taking advantage of."