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Experience sets Expansion Specialties' Installation Technicians Apart

August 16, 2010

HENDERSON, NV -- When Expansion Specalties, Inc. touts bradmanueltheir twenty-five plus years of experience in the expansion joint business, they might actually be selling themselves short.  In addition to their office staff's better than one hundred years of combined experience in the expansion and seismic joint industry, ESI also claims, arguably, the most seasoned group of installers in the business.

"Combined, our foremen have been installing expansion and seismic joint systems for more than thirty years now," said Chris Brownwood, ESI's Field Superintendent since 2004.  "And as foremen, not only do our guys install, they also supervise and mentor our other field techs.  I'll say without hesitation that we have the best team of installers in world."

In the construction industry, where layoffs and job turnover amongst field workers remain an inevitable reality of the business, Expansion Specialties' current crew of field foreman have not only endured, they've thrived.  "One of our foremen, Brad, has been with us for over thirteen years now," said Brownwood.  "Two others, Enrique and Jesus, have been here for about seven years.  And in a business like expansion and seismic joint systems, in which life safety issues are a factor, that experience becomes even more important."  

Experience in the field isn't limited to just ESI's Installation Technicians either.  In addition to Brownwood's own ten plus years of install experience, Cheif Estimator Rick Douglas and Estimator Shane Reed have both put in several years of work in the field. 

"Our people know expansion and seismic joints better than anyone," said Brownwood.  "Our estimating department's hands-on experience in the field is just further evidence of that."